Trung tâm Bảo tồn Thiên nhiên Việt




VietNature was transformed from the BirdLife International Vietnam Program as BirdLife’s affiliate in Vietnam. Inheriting the prestigious science base of BirdLife International, VietNature is well placed to build national leadership and capacity and constituency by focusing on conservation action on the ground (of species & sites); biodiversity monitoring; biodiversity with link to human well-being & in context of climate change; conservation science capacity building; and environmental awareness raising and education.


BirdLife Vietnam Programme, since its inception twenty years ago has been an important driving force for conservation in the country. The significant conservation outcomes BirdLife has achieved in Vietnam (and Indochina) includes expansion of the national protected area system; discoveries of four new bird species and rediscoveries of a number of others; successful delivery of major conservation initiatives on the ground and publication of authoritative materials on the avifauna of Vietnam. BirdLife Vietnam have established its reputation as a provider of reliable information and technical assistance for informed decision making in conservation.


Viet Nature’s Project highlights




Khe Nuoc Trong Watershed Protection Forest was selected for the first “Forest of Hope” model in Vietnam, in which “forest lease for conservation” approach will be employed. This typical tropical lowland evergreen forest site in central Vietnam is the home to a suite of globally threatened and endemic species, potentially the final stronghold for Edwards’s Pheasant (CR) and one of the most important sites for Saola (CR) in Vietnam. However, it is currently managed as a Watershed Protection Forest with no mandate and resources for wildlife conservation. The Forest of Hope project will upgrade the management of the site to the same level as that of a Nature Reserve.